How often is it that new products and services come about
as the result of someone trying to satisfy a need for their
own use? Such is the case with CMI Print Management. We are an advertising agency, marketing firm and publishing company. As you might imagine, we do a huge amount of printing. We were faced with having more and more of our payroll go to manage our print requirements. These people
try to find the right printer, who is most qualified to do the job, at the best price, who can meet the deadline. You probably know, managing print needs can be a huge headache. Along with these headaches and payroll comes all of the rest of the expense, such as payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, 401 K, etc.

We thought there has to be a better way. We could find nothing. Thus the birth of CMI Print Management.

We took the people we were using to manage our print needs, added more, provided them all with more education, and sent them on a mission to find out everything they could about every major printer within 200 miles. We began by serving the print management needs of our agency clients. Before long the word spread, and now we have a complete division of our company that specializes in print management.
Using our services will not only save you money on reduced overhead and accompanying expense, but it will also remove the headaches involved. Then, add to these the benefit of us finding the lowest price, from the most capable printer, that can meet the deadline...AND that our fees are paid by the printers we serve...and you have bona fide, good deal. Why would they pay us? Because they don't have the headaches, payroll and accompanying expenses
of people to call on you! 
Try us. You will be glad in many ways that you did. Click on the Order Form link and see how easy we've made it.
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